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Interesting Agile Project Management Reading in early 2011

Here’s some interesting Agile Project Management posts and content from the first half of Jan 2011. We hope you enjoy the reading and any comments are welcome.

Cubicle wars: Best and worst office setups for tech workers
Practitioners of the Agile Software Development movement have even come up with templates for office furniture arrangements that are physical embodiments of 
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“Mark Plant: Experiments and experience from the UX/Agile divide 
By Martin Belam
One of the evening’s talks was from Mark Plant, who was looking at how user experience design fitted into the agile software development process. His opening point was made with a couple of graphs. The first showed the classic waterfall 
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Best practices for mixing Agile and outsourcing
Agile Software Development (Agile, Scrum, Extreme) …. Agile software development works well in small well-contained teams located physically together .…/Best-practices-for-mix

A Thinking Grid for a Definition of Done | Scrum Agile Project 
By scrumxp
This blog post contains an interesting grid that help you analyze every aspect of your scrumproject if you want to declare a sprint done.
Scrum Agile Project Management Expert - http://www.scrumexpert.c Process Improvement
Agile software development needs teams to be motivated, but repetitive  I might even call “conflict” the eighth dimension of agile software development.…COL

Where does the information go? | Agile Project Manager
By admin
In agile software development the main artefacts beside the code are the storyboards. So what happens with all that other stuff? Open university research might have the answer in “Three ‘c’s of agile practice: collaboration, 
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Agile Software Development made easy

Posted: 10 Jan 2011 08:00 AM PST

Deliver Fast.  In a way, that’s a funny principle to have.  I would have thought that’s stating the blinking obvious!  But the reality is that it isn’t.  All too often in software development, things seem to take ages.   It is common for people to think too deeply about…

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12 Keys to Success with Agile | LeadingAgile
By Mike Cottmeyer
Empowered Team Members – One of the problems with traditional software project management, is that we focus too much on activity (more on that later). By having a cross-functional team, we can worry less about the activities the team is 
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Gantt Charts Offer the Illusion of Control « BrainsLink
By Vin
Agile software development is often criticized for lack of detailed plans and associated control points. Many managers would like to see gantt charts for agile projects containing carefully laid out tasks and deliverables. 
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Innovation – does it make sense for business?
By Kate Carruthers
 adoption of agile development methods for software; good project management together with adequate reporting to enable stakeholders to gauge progress; a small tight-knit team who have a clear sense of mission and purpose 
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Agile in the Blue Ocean
By (Badri N Srinivasan)
The term was coined in the year 2001 when the Agile Manifesto was formulated. Agile methods generally promote a disciplined project management process that encourages frequent inspection and adaptation, a leadership philosophy that 
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Thoughts of a Project Manager; Ryan Endres, PMP: Agile Will Be 
By ryanendres
A PMO has many metrics it tracks its projects for, but with Agile project management you typically only have a burndown chart that is really nothing more than a chart showing 100% down to 0% complete. We want more, right? 
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