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BrixHQ offers users a solution going forward

When we heard that Rob Dempsey and the team over at had decided to shut down, we decided to approach him about offering the users (yourselves) a solution going forward.  We’ve found that there are a lot of synergies between and and believe we have a really good solution to offer you.

We’ve come to an agreement with Rob and the team that we’ll offer customers the ability to convert their data across and get a discount on  a 12 month subscription to BrixHQ.
Robert Dempsey, CEO of says ‘I’m really happy that Pete contacted me about working together to provide everyone using Scrum’d an easy way to transition to an application with very similar goals and features. From my time with Brix I can say that it’s very easy to use so there should be almost zero learning curve when you switch. Perhaps the most important aspect though is the the team behind it, which is highly dedicated to creating an application that works as an enabler of Agile teams and stand behind Agile philosophies. For anyone switching from Scrum’d to Brix I am sure they will not be disappointed” customers can import your data into BrixHQ and it’s a simple process. For more details on how you can take advantage of this offer click here for more details  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to drop us a note at:

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