An update on BrixHQ, Tech23 Innovation Island and interesting Agile Project Management articles

Firstly, thanks to all those customers who took part in our recent customer survey it was greatly appreciated and we’d like to share with you the finding of the survey. We have found the feedback really useful in helping us to steer the future direction of the product and validating our roadmap as well as the current usability of the product. Here’s some of the key feedback and findings that we received from the survey.The survey highlighted the best features of BrixHQ are; 1. The Wall, 2. Ease of Use, 3. Sharing Documents and Info and 4. Editing Projects.
The survey also validated our Roadmap and the key features for BrixHQ going forward are:

Industries using BrixHQ:

Our users numbers continue to climb and thanks to everyone who has signed up recently. All of your feedback and ideas are greatly appreciated.  Here’s how our growth is looking now:

Tech23  (& Innovation Island)
On 23 August we’ll be exhibiting at the Tech23 Conference’s Innovation Island.  Tech23 unearths the innovations happening right here in Australia! 23 innovative young companies in the tech space are given five minutes to show off their business model to an audience of over 400 potential investors, partners and clients check out full details here

Interesting Agile Project Management and related articles this month:

- Agile Outside of Software  - Agile adoption outside of software is nothing new–it dates back very close to the origin of today’s agile methods, predating the term “agile”. However, what is new and noteworthy is the rate and scale of non-software agile adoption being witnessed today. Now–as more companies than ever are exposed to agile methods in their IT practices–these methods are being employed beyond the regular IT domain.

- Agile v’s Waterfall – Use Cases and Nuances- Is it possible to have a new twist on the seemingly endless debate between advocates of Agile software development and those of the waterfall model? Some people, including Coverity’s Rutul Dave, think so.

- Ensuring projects stay within budget – “Software development projects often miss their mark for reasons that are not technical. Indeed, technical bugs play a very small part in the failure of software development projects,” remarked Kareem Tawansi, CEO of software development provider, Solentive Software.

- Agile software developing explained – There is a lot of talk among developers about “Agile” methods. MYOB’s CTO, Simon Raik-Allen, has been there, got the T-Shirt and reports back.

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